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A contemporary choir for adults in Essex

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I joined Southend Vox in September 2013, after having recently moved to the area.  


I didn’t know many people in the area when I moved here but everyone in the choir made me feel welcome from day one and I’m lucky to say, I now have some really good friends that I’ve met through the choir.


I joined the 12-piece ladies Southend Vox Chamber Choir in January 2016 after hearing them perform and being incredibly impressed.  


The repertoire is a little different to main choir, with more emphasis on choral singing although we do some fun pop songs as well!


In January 2017, I took on the role of Manager for the Southend Vox Chamber Choir.


The last year has been very busy, as we have found a permanent rehearsal venue for chamber, established our own website, and got our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest social media sites up and running.  


The chamber choir has already perfomed at weddings in and around Essex;  our wedding calender for 2018 season is already getting full and we can’t wait to do more!





Elanor Crossland, Chamber Manager