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A contemporary choir for adults in Essex

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I joined the choir in January 2013 after eagerly following my mum to rehearsals. I was just reaching the end of my teens and wanted to start spending some quality time with her. I had been in the school choir for a couple of years and liked taking part in the musical productions, so it sparked my interest immediately. I saw the variety of pieces that the choir was due to learn that term and could not wait to get started!


Many years later, in addition to meeting some wonderful people who I am proud to call my choir family, Southend Vox has increased my confidence and has created an unbreakable bond between my mother and me. I will be forever grateful.


I am also slowly learning how to read music without having to take a single theory lesson, which is definitely helpful!


What I love about Southend Vox is that no matter how inexperienced you are, if you love music you can come along and learn some great songs in excellent company. I have been able to grow from singing quietly in the background to auditioning for our Ladies Chamber Choir and singing a few solos!


In October 2016, I joined Southend Vox committee as their Membership Coordinator. I manage everything to do with members, both old and new. So I hope to hear from you soon!



Membership Secretary,Hannah Lou Packman