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A contemporary choir for adults in Essex

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I'm an ex-bank manager, busy crafter and have 3 children.


I am self-employed and do some free-lance work with a first aid training company. I'd studied Theatre studies many years ago, but never thought I'd one day have the confidence to sing in public!


I joined Southend Vox in September 2012.


My sister had joined six months previously and convinced me that I would really enjoy it and meet some great people. She was absolutely spot on!


I was a little nervous, because I can’t read music and was not very confident that my voice was up to scratch. I just knew I loved singing and hoped I'd be able to carry a tune!  I'm gradually learning some of the meanings within music, though I've a long way to go!


I have recently joined the Southend Vox Committee as the Secretary, and I am happy to be a part of the team that keeps the choir cogs working!


I've been coming to Southend Vox for five years now and not been chucked out yet, so I must be ok! I even volunteered myself for a couple of solo spots last term and, though it was nerve-wracking, I really enjoyed it and felt so happy with the support and positivity I was given by my choir friends.


They truly are a lovely bunch of people and if you love singing, you'd probably love it with Southend Vox too!



Natalie Braun, Secretary