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A contemporary choir for adults in Essex

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Dec' 18: Christmas Singing in the Royals

By Southend Vox Choir Member, Dec 2 2018 05:03PM

On Saturday 1st December, Southend Vox put on their festive feet and gave a performance of our shiny new Christmas repertoire at the Royals Shopping Centre in Southend. We were grateful for the gatherings of audiences that watched and listened as we sang with gusto. We were even joined by the Royals lion who helped our marvellous conductor out! Our new repertoire was a great hit, with 'Sparklejollytwinklejingly' creating smiles all around, as did old favourites such as 'Holy Holy Night' and 'Step Into Christmas'. Let's hope all that bucket shaking was as big a success and that we raised lots of pennies for Parkinson's UK.

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